Meet Kim Osborne Rodriguez – Manager and ICAT Consultant

Headshot of Kim Osborne

Kim joined HH Angus in 2011.

Where did you start your career at HH Angus?

I initially worked in our Health Division as an electrical designer, and then transferred to our Angus Connect Division in 2013. I’m now a manager with Angus Connect, leading a range of digital strategy, IT planning and design projects.

What's your favourite thing about working at HH Angus?

I really appreciate the opportunity to work on some incredibly interesting and innovative projects. HH Angus is an industry leader in so many areas including digital strategy, smart buildings, P3 and AFP project delivery, and the use of technology to enhance engineering – we really have a great culture around innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. At the same time, the actual work we do is so rewarding; one of my core values is having a positive impact on the world, and the projects I work on here actually improve the lives of people and the planet. Making this my career is a dream come true.

What drew you to HH Angus and consulting, coming out of school?

During my degree, I was able to work in a range of jobs as a coop student, and this work experience was key in helping me figure out what work I enjoyed. My early terms were in automotive and chemical manufacturing industries and, while it was interesting to see the processes behind the scenes, I found myself drawn to the technical design work that was the domain of the consultants. I did several coop jobs with a consulting firm in the nuclear industry, and found I really enjoyed the variety of working on different projects and interfacing with clients. As for what drew me to HH Angus – well, I have never had so much fun interviewing anywhere else, and figured if the interviewers were this great, then it must be a great place to work! (Spoiler alert: it definitely is!)

How has working at HH Angus helped you grow your career? 

In my opinion, HH Angus is the perfect size for career growth – small enough to provide a variety of responsibilities and roles within the team, but big enough that we are able to take on large and exciting projects. Being part of a quickly growing division within HH Angus has allowed me to combine my interest in design, project management, strategy, innovation, and business development in a way that’s really rewarding.

What drew you to an engineering career? 

I have always had an intense curiosity about the world and how things work. As a child, I loved designing things – from coming up with ideas on how to use electromagnets to run mag-lev trains, to sketching out designs for renovations on our house. Math and science gave me the tools to better understand how to optimize my designs, and engineering specifically was the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. And I still bring that curiosity and creativity to my everyday work.

I am so lucky to work with a great team of people who are always ready to take on complex and challenging projects. 

What's the best thing that you have learned on the job? 

Communication is such an important skill for everyone to have, regardless of the work you do – most of our clients and partners are not technical experts, which is why they rely on our trusted advice. Learning how to distill complex technical information down to the relevant concepts and then communicate these concisely to decision-makers is at the core of what it means to be a consultant, and what differentiates us from others who have the same knowledge.

What is your proudest moment here? 

There are a lot, but I think all of my proudest moments come back to clients appreciating the great work we do. I am so lucky to work with a great team of people who are always ready to take on complex and challenging projects, and we work hard to deliver incredible results; for example, when a client stops in the middle of a regular touchpoint and says “I just want to say how much I enjoy working with you and the team at HH Angus. You do such great work and I really appreciate it,” it just makes my day. Sometimes the best recognition is a heartfelt thank you and the knowledge you made someone else’s life a little easier.

What are some of the trends and technology that excite you the most? 

I have always been passionate about data analysis and visualization, which is why I think it’s so exciting to see some really innovative technologies enhancing our abilities to gather, process and understand the data that is constantly being created around us. Big Data was a bit of a buzzword several years ago, but the technology has matured considerably and is now generating real value for those who own it – particularly since data processing capabilities have evolved and now use artificial intelligence and machine learning to expand our ability to process and understand large unstructured data sets. Sophisticated data visualization tools, including dynamic dashboards and extended reality have made understanding this data more intuitive and accessible, creating an incredible opportunity to leverage data to drive personalized insights and evidence-based decisions. There is immense potential in this area, and I can’t wait to see how this shapes our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?  

I don’t know how to snap my fingers! Honestly though, I am not sure that there are any real surprises – I am generally a pretty open person, and truly enjoy building honest and authentic connections with people. I bring my whole self to my work, and I hope that others feel comfortable being themselves with me as well.

What skills or traits have helped you to advance your career? 

I am incredibly organized! I think this is really a skill that helps everywhere – not only in the obvious places like project management, but also in areas like performance management, business development and especially design. Often, I work on projects that last multiple years, and having the decisions and analysis properly documented makes things so much easier when five years on someone asks “why did we make that decision again?”

Kim at Health Achieve booth at MTCC
Kim at Health Achieve booth at MTCC
Outside of work, Kim can often be spotted riding her bike.
Outside of work, Kim can often be spotted riding her bike.