Joe Woolvett


Manager, Project Management Office

“Good communication sits at the centre of all project management fundamentals. I very much enjoy working with our incredible engineering talent to optimize our communications methods”.

The mandate of HH Angus PMO is to provide the foundation for more consistency in the firm’s project management practices, and to establish a set of HH Angus-specific best practices that support our consulting business. Joe’s responsibilities include support and compliance, so that project management documentation, reporting and plans are accurate, consistent and complete. He also designs/sources training and assists operations staff in maintaining a standard set of practices, processes, and tools so that we manage projects consistently and efficiently both for our clients and for ourselves. Joe brings a variety of experience in both traditional and agile project management practices. He joined HH Angus in 2018.

Outside work, Joe takes a keen interest in physical and mental health. He enjoys an exercise regimen centered on yoga, pilates, and high intensity interval training.