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Angus Remote Management
Systems (ARMS)

Intelligent, simplified, digital solutions for optimizing the performance of your real estate assets

Realize Improved ROI from Your Building Portfolio

The marketplace of tools and vendors for facility owners and property managers is highly fragmented with varying degrees of service quality and functionality. Some of the challenges building owners typically experience with traditional real estate asset optimization tools include:

  • Siloed or incompatible data sets
  • Lack of centralized dashboards for managing, visualizing and tracking building performance data across your portfolio
  • Insufficient integration between building systems and software platform
    • Managing access to geographically dispersed sites
    • Non-standardized reporting/metrics across the real estate portfolio

How Does ARMS Add Value?

Our web-based platform helps simplify many of the processes around your real estate portfolio’s performance, metrics, proptech data, building access, HVAC inventory management and asset management, as well as leveraging data through a consolidated database to provide meaningful, real-time insights to your facilities and property management teams.

ARMS, at its core, is a custom software that leverages IoT solutions to help you gain insight to facilities operations. It provides single pane of glass access to data sets such as room occupancy, space utilization, BAS data, security, health of spaces for occupant comfort - temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, and more.

Digitize and simplify building access and contract management for telecommunications carriers and subcontractors.

Standardize reporting or metrics processes for management of services and contracts.

Provide secure, remote keyless access and monitoring of doors.

Consolidate records into a searchable data repository for telecom license agreements, terms and conditions, or revenue generated across the portfolio, region or building.

Deliver easy-to-use 3D image scans and high resolution images for all controlled areas – all accessible on any device through a web browser.

Link equipment manuals and specifications documents to rooms and buildings accessible to your team.

Establish a coherent strategy around antennae, cable access, small cells and emerging new technologies across local and national portfolios.

Free up time for your facilities and property management team to focus on other priorities.

ARMS can help you discover opportunities to unlock and grow recurring revenue across your real estate portfolio.

Key Features

Dashboards + Analytics

Web-based dashboards enable your team to access real-time operational information and insights across your real estate portfolio. With consolidated records of HVAC service, telecom agreements, your team can proactively plan maintenance and maximize asset value.

Secure Remote Access

Remotely provide secure access to vendors and other sub-contractors to mechanical and electrical spaces in managed buildings.

Support Ticket + Document Management System

Easily manage communication with vendors and other service providers in one centralized platform while consolidating and managing relevant architecture, engineering and maintenance drawings and documentation in one place.

3D Model / Digital Twin

Enhance collaboration and reduce the overall number of physical site visits with an easy-to-use 3D image model of mechanical, electrical and roof-top spaces.

Riser Access and Contractor Management

Utilize the digital platform to schedule and manage access for vendors and other service providers, including HVAC, electrical, and telecommunications contractors.

Workflow Management

Easily implement workflow management solutions to manage site access requests, telecom licensing agreements, service agreements and more.

Tenant Compliance Automation + Reporting

Track and summarize all tenant compliance issues and documentation. Create automated service workflows for tenants to help reduce time-consuming manual follow-ups.

Rooftop &
In-Building Wireless Management

Increase revenue generated by wireless telecommunications attachments on and within your buildings, by using our platform to actively market your properties and streamline access.

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