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We believe in our people

They’re creative, collaborative, trustworthy and knowledgeable. They thrive on challenge. They have a deep sense of responsibility – to our clients, to the environment and to the community. They are passionate about engineering sustainable design. These are the people our clients trust – and who make us proud.

Make a difference

You will have the freedom to push boundaries. At HH Angus, you will have the opportunity to explore your passions and work in an environment where your talents are celebrated, cultivated and you can make a difference.

Great culture

We’ve built a strong and vibrant culture by staying true to our core values – focusing on great client service, pushing boundaries in engineering innovation and doing right by our people. There’s a strong sense of community here – we’re in this together in a supportive environment where collaboration, mentoring and open communication are encouraged. Our employees are proud to work at HH Angus and are deeply engaged in their work and the growth of the company.


Thinking differently is in our DNA. We encourage employees to challenge convention and explore their ideas. From pushing the envelope on sustainable design, parametric energy modeling, using virtual reality in coordinating construction, or methods that have not even been dreamed of yet, you will have the opportunity to help foster innovation in the firm.

Heath Chrystall

I like the atmosphere and the people. Colleagues are willing to support you, you can ask questions and everyone's open and friendly. You get to work on a variety of projects and size of projects as well, both across divisions, but also within divisions. For example, in healthcare you're not just working on big hospitals. There are also renovations and a great variety of smaller projects. 


We believe that different perspectives from different minds from unique backgrounds allow for a limitless flow of ideas. Together we will build a better future.

Develop your skills.
Build your career

You will be engaged, challenged and have clear pathways for growth and advancement across diverse roles such as technical, project management, business development and leadership. We offer continuous professional learning and mentoring – both formal and informal. We also believe that hands-on, practical experience is a great teacher – you will be exposed to challenging work and emerging technologies so you – and our clients – stay at the leading edge.

for professionals

Take your career to the next level. You will have the freedom to challenge convention, explore your ideas and create quality solutions to deliver great projects. As an independent firm, we enable our people to push boundaries and think creatively as trusted partners for our clients.

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Opportunities for
students & new grads

Start your future. Grow with us. Many on our leadership team began their careers as new graduates with HH Angus – including our President. Our young professionals work on interesting, challenging projects that hone their technical, project management, and business development skills. Guide your career development within our talent management framework, with access to learning programs and skilled mentors that offer you the guidance and tools you need to succeed.

Explore our opportunities

Life at HH Angus

A great culture founded on independence and diversity. There is a strong sense of community at HH Angus. It’s a supportive environment where collaboration, mentoring and open communication are encouraged. We’ve built a vibrant culture by staying true to our core values of excellent client service, engineering innovation, and doing right by our people. 

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