Our Vision for the Future

A foundation of technical 

excellence & curiosity

From the start, HH Angus has been involved in the design and construction of landmark buildings across Canada. Our expertise is embedded in our nation’s built history, from hospitals, sports stadiums, and art galleries to soaring office towers.

Check out some of the groundbreaking “firsts” in our portfolio to see how our professionals have developed deep technical expertise over the decades and helped create many industry standards. Today, we continue to push boundaries to help our clients solve their design, construction, and operational challenges.

Our expertise is embedded in our nation’s built history, from hospitals, sports stadiums, and art galleries to soaring office towers.

Image top – HH Angus Office on Maitland Street
Image centre right – Ken Loach at the Maitland Road Office in 1968
Image bottom left – HH Angus Office on St. Mary Street

Expanding what is possible

As the design and construction industry continues to evolve, HH Angus is leading the push for innovative solutions alongside our clients. Sustainability has always been at the centre of our work and we are able to draw from our extensive experience on LEED®, WELL, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero and energy efficient projects.

We are highly proficient in the use of BIM software, which enables us to use BIM in innovative ways to meet client needs at every phase of a project’s life cycle – from design to construction to post-occupancy and facilities management. We use 3D image scanning and cloud computing to streamline MEP coordination in the BIM process. We are also employing parametric energy modeling to facilitate efficient exploration of the impact of design choices on building systems. 

The rise of the Internet of Things and the explosion of Big Data has propelled our team to develop solutions that employ smart building technologies. We are also exploring how machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve the way we work and deliver value to clients. 

Through a century of engineering innovation, HH Angus has been part of significant changes in both engineering and in the built environment. Today, we continue to explore new opportunities and new technologies to deliver the best possible value to our clients and to constantly expand what is possible. 

Change is constant.

So are we.

Image top right – Team Working by 3D Printer
Image centre – BIM Specialists, Melissa Parry and Steve Yilmaz using Virtual Reality Modeling Software Application
Image bottom left – TD Living Roof

Client success
means pushing

For a century, HH Angus has been at the forefront of engineering innovation. We have pioneered technology, standards and practices to help our clients reach their goals.

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