All Seniors Care Living Centres

HH Angus is providing mechanical and electrical engineering and lighting design to greenfield sites in Kingston, Ontario. The seniors’ care facility feature 170 residential units, plus ground-floor amenities including pool, commercial kitchen, gym, and multi-use spaces.

HH Angus has both long standing and recent experience in the retirement and elder care sectors, including long-term care facilities, complex continuing care, dementia centres, seniors’ homes, hospices, and similar facilities that combine a healthcare setting with a residential component. Over the years, we have developed a sensitivity to the design nuances associated with these facilities.

Our scope includes complete design for the building systems, inclusive of generator site services within five feet of the building, plus complete plumbing and HVAC design.

The building has been classified B3 under the Ontario Building Code, an unusual ‘tall building’ designation for a building of this style and height. This OBC classification required additional ventilation options compared to those required for similar mid-rise apartment buildings.

Effective coordination between disciplines was paramount in order to achieve the high ceilings the client desired. We worked closely with the interior design team, structural engineers and architects in order to deliver this design feature for the client.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design

Status: Completion 2020

Kingston, Ontario

Designed multi-storey long term care residential facility | B3 ‘tall building’ OBC classification | 170 residential units | Introduced multiple options for mechanical system together with estimated ROI 

Sharing Expertise with Clients

HH Angus provided multiple options for the mechanical system, together with the estimated ROI for each, to assist the client in selecting the most appropriate equipment for this application.

We are also working with All Seniors Care on their new facility in Hamilton, Ontario.