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Brucelea Haven | Gateway Haven

Established in 1898 as the "House of Refuge", Brucelea Haven has been providing residential long term care (LTC) for seniors for more than a century. Built in 2003, both Brucelea and Gateway facilities operate as not-for-profits.

Brucelea Haven and Gateway Haven were constructed to replace separate, outdated existing LTC facilities. The 93,161 ft2 Brucelea Haven facility in Walkerton features 144 beds with two resident floors located over a partial lower floor that houses day facilities and support services. Gateway Haven in Wiarton provides the community with 100 beds over 67,062 ft2 on three resident floors, with a lower floor plan similar to Brucelea. 

HVAC systems were a prime consideration in the design of the new facilities, due to the ongoing problems in the old structures. The mechanical design incorporates total enthalpy heat recovery wheels for ventailation for the resident wings. Boilers are high efficiency, feeding hot water to heating coils that provide local room control on a grouped basis. 

Both projects qualified under the Federal Government CBIP program for using 25% less energy than a building meeting the National Energy Code.


Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering


Status: Completed 2003

Brucelea Haven - Walkerton, ON  Gateway Haven - Wiarton, ON


Long Term Care residential facilities | Projects qualified under Federal CBIP program by using 25% less energy | High efficiency boilers | Total enthalpy heat recovery wheels for ventilation