Cadillac Fairview 

Toronto Dominion Centre

HH Angus has been working at this site since the earliest days of the Toronto Dominion Centre, Canada’s first skyscraper. We provided complete mechanical and electrical engineering services to the Toronto Dominion Bank and Cadillac Fairview (CF) in the construction of the first four towers, which total 5,600,000 ft2.

Those original iconic towers (now six) and the interconnecting below-ground shopping concourse comprise office space, underground parking and a retail and restaurant complex in the heart of downtown Toronto.

With the certification of 95 Wellington as Gold Level WELL Core, the entire TD Centre is now WELL certified, the largest real estate complex in Canada to have achieved this designation.  

We have been involved in numerous technical infrastructure upgrades, including the installation of heat exchangers to the cooling plant in order to link to the Deep Lake Cooling system. We have provided detailed redesign of the service floors so that the space previously occupied by the cooling plant can be upgraded.

The Toronto Dominion Tower, the tallest at fifty-five stories, employs a perimeter induction heating and cooling system; all other buildings, which were designed later, employ variable air volume systems. Each building has a number of air handling plant room floors located approximately every twelve floors. This helped to minimize the size of individual pieces of equipment and the on-floor shaft sizes required.

Steam is used as the prime heating and humidification source for the Centre. Supplied from the Enwave District Energy System, the steam demand is rated at more than 70,000 kg/hr. The cooling load of over 49,000 kW is supplied by the Deep Lake Cooling system.

As part of the ongoing evaluation and revision of existing mechanical and electrical systems for this property, CF has invested in a new luminaire and ceiling combination. This investment provides tenants with base building illumination of a high quality while reducing the total lighting power density for building operations. This new luminaire system, in combination with accurate metering and appropriate building automation, is contributing to CF’s success in meeting and exceeding the ASHRAE 90.1 energy standards.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Size: 5,600,000 ft2 | Status: Ongoing

Toronto, Ontario

Ongoing technical infrastructure upgrades | Installed heat exchangers to link the cooling plant to the Deep Lake cooling system | LEED Gold

The imperative of good service

“The volume of work which you perform here at the TDC, I believe, is a direct reflection of your team’s reliability, high performance, and value.”

Adrian Sluga, Former Senior Manager, Tenant Projects, Cadillac Fairview

A lasting impression

TD Centre Heritage Designation:

The TD Centre in Toronto was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and, from 1967 to 1972, was the tallest building in Canada. A leading example of the International style, the TD Centre altered the city’s skyline while influencing many subsequent buildings across the nation.*