Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Electrical Upgrade

HH Angus was engaged to upgrade the electrical distribution at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, a regulatory body inspecting food, animals, and plants to protect the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy.

Our initial task on this project was to investigate existing major electrical systems and provide a concept design to replace and upgrade the existing equipment, which had reached end-of-life. Prior to implementation, we developed detailed phasing sequences to minimize the impact of power outages on the client’s operations.

Key design elements included replacing equipment with up-to-date technology, increasing capacity to ensure long service life, and meeting anticipated building usage. We also added power factor correction to reduce electricity costs for anticipated future rate structures. The new design provided flexibility for power distribution and technology. The client’s expectation was the replacement of main electrical equipment should carry the building reliably for at least 25 years.

HH Angus’ scope of work included design engineering services for replacement of 2 main 13.8kV underground service feeds – two 2000kVA dry transformers, two 600V switchboards feeding the building services, 600v switchboards that supply another 15 various 112.5KVA/150 KVA/225KVA-rated 600/208-120 dry transformers, 208/120V CDP distribution panels, MV/LV power cables, power factor capacitors and some transfer switches. In addition, associated equipment auxiliaries were replaced or upgraded.  We also managed coordination, testing and commissioning of the replacement equipment.

Prime Consultant | Joint Venture | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2017

Review and upgrade of existing end-of-life equipment | Developed detailed phasing sequence to minimize the impact of power outages | Power correction factor added to reduce future electrical costs | Replacement of two 13.8 service feeds & transformation