Canadian Museum Construction Corp.

National Art Gallery of Canada

We are very proud of our contribution to Canada’s National Gallery, one of the country’s landmark institutions.

This project consisted of two buildings: the Gallery building of 549,000 ft2 and an administration building of ~54,000 ft2. The Gallery building houses Canada’s national art collection in state-of-the-art environmental conditions, with close control of temperature, humidity and high efficiency air filtration.

Each gallery has individual control of its environment, and high levels of humidity are maintained year round. Air with low of humidity levels is supplied to public circulation areas, such as the colonnade, galleria and Great Hall, to prevent migration of humidity from the art display galleries. Such migration could cause condensation on the large areas of exterior glass that enclose the building during the cold Ottawa winters.

In addition to the public galleries, administration offices and cafeteria, there are restoration workshops, authenticity and verification laboratories, paint and varnish shops, photograph storage, and fine art storage areas. A 200-car underground parking garage and loading dock were also incorporated.

The low-rise design of this gallery involved stairways and ramps as features, which eased the requirements for passenger elevators. Freight requirements, on the other hand, required large units for the movement of exhibits, with the doors of these elevators measuring up to 12’8” wide by 12’0” high.

Mechanical Engineering | Vertical Transportation

Size: 550,000 ft2 | Status: Completed 1989

Ottawa, Ontario

High-efficiency air filtration with careful consideration to temperature & humidity | Individual gallery environmental control | Support spaces | Laboratories | Fine art storage areas | Large freight elevators for exhibit movement