Carlu Corporation, College Park

The Carlu

After sitting shuttered, run down and neglected for almost 25 years, this landmark venue underwent a comprehensive two-year renovation that brought the entire seventh floor back from the brink. Now designated a National Historic Site, the former Eaton’s store on College Street in Toronto boasts an event venue fully restored to its 1930s splendour, and worthy of the original vision of Lady Eaton.

Renamed in honour of the original architect, Jacques Carlu, the Art Moderne facility, which includes a grand foyer, auditorium and the Round Room restaurant, was in desperate need of refurbishment and renovation. The historical significance of the space was not lost on the new leaseholders, or the Toronto Historical Society.

HH Angus’ role as mechanical, electrical and communication engineers and lighting designers, was coordinated through our Tenant Engineering group. The project differed significantly from a typical renovation. HH Angus worked diligently to preserve and re-create the appearance of the 1930s interior. Mechanical and electrical systems were modernized and seamlessly integrated into the facility without detriment to its timeless charm.

The almost century-old façade now conceals new air handling, cabling, communications and sanitation systems. The Carlu has been transformed from a derelict relic of Toronto’s past into an up-to-date venue with historically accurate fixtures and fittings, new kitchen facilities, full climate-control and state-of-the-art audio, visual and wireless networked capabilities.

HH Angus’ creative engineering solutions overcame significant challenges posed by architectural constraints and complicated scheduling issues. Design sensitivity and engineering skill applied to this historical renovation helped make possible the rebirth of the stunning Carlu.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Communications Design

Status: Completed 2003

Toronto, Ontario

Heritage property renovations | New air handling, cabling, communications and sanitation systems | Innovative lighting approaches to ensure historical accuracy

Adding Drama

Angus Lighting’s dramatic designs for this stunning venue included replacing incandescent downlights with state-of-the-art halogen and fluorescent lamps to enhance the ambience in the main Rotunda.

Respecting the vision

Track lighting accentuates art and art forms, and dimmer systems were replaced. To ensure historical accuracy, existing wall sconces were completely refurbished and revamped.