Casino Rama

Power Infrastructure Upgrade

“The installation of protective electric equipment designed and specified by HH Angus is working amazingly, and has afforded us the confidence that we no longer need to pre-start all three of our 1 MW generators during every looming lightening storm”. 

— John Haley, Director of Engineering and EVS Casino Rama

Casino Rama features over 2,500 state-of-the-art electronic gaming machines. The popular facility is owned by the Chippewa’s of Rama First Nation and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. It welcomes over three million visitors annually.

Because power quality issues occasionally damaged sensitive electronics in gaming machines, Casino Rama gave HH Angus a mandate to find a solution that would protect equipment while minimizing games downtime, as well as shutdowns required to implement the solution.

HH Angus analyzed Casino Rama’s existing power distribution systems, critical loads, plans for future electrical load growth, and building infrastructure, including available service space and mechanical infrastructure. 

A number of recommendations were presented, with varying degrees of risk mitigation and cost. Casino Rama opted for a 1.2 MW centralized uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the portion of the existing emergency generator powered distribution system dedicated to their electronic gaming machines.

In addition to providing protection against power quality disturbances, the centralized UPS provides gamers with an uninterrupted playing experience during a utility power outage. The UPS bridges the gap between the onset of a utility power outage and the time it takes the onsite 3 MW emergency generators to come online and support the critical loads.

Implementing the centralized UPS system had its own unique challenges. Available service space had to be identified. The system had to be integrated with the facility’s electrical system in a way that minimized the time required for machine shut-downs and tie-ins. Additional air conditioning units were provided to ensure that the stipulated ambient temperatures were maintained. Structural reinforcement was also needed to ensure the floor slab could support the added weight of the battery banks. All these requirements had to be taken into account when designing the project.

Prime Consultant | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2012

Orillia, Ontario

1.2 MW central UPS dedicated to 2500+ gaming machines | Power distribution analysis | Integration with existing electrical system | Eliminated power quality issues

Zero Power Quality Issues

Since the installation of the centralized UPS system, Casino Rama has had no power quality incidents affecting their sensitive electronic gaming machines. In addition, electrical distribution fault-related downtime has been eliminated, resulting in a substantial reduction in annual maintenance costs.

— Photos courtesy of WZMH Architects