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BIM Laser Scanning

HH Angus was engaged to create a 3D Revit model (LOD 300), accurate to reality, of the existing structure and visible HVAC, plumbing and electrical infrastructure. This model was delivered to the client for their use in 3D coordination of their high voltage switchgear replacement project.

The 17,000 ft2 area was scanned using a Faro S70 Laser scanner, with the scans subsequently registered using Faro Scene software to create point clouds. Point clouds were then processed in Edgewise modeling software and used to automatically extract and model walls, structure, piping, conduit and ducts, before being imported into Revit. This efficient process resulted in a very significant 60% reduction in modeling time. The remaining MEP infrastructure was modeled in Revit, with special attention paid to the location of the entry and leave points within rooms for all MEP infrastructure, in response to the client’s requirement.

One of the challenges of the project was the lack of easily accessible data required to create the Revit model. Recap pro or Faro Scene software is needed to review the point clouds and images; this software required licensing and installation on individual machines, which prevented it from being easily accessible to everyone on the project team. The software also requires additional computing power to run smoothly, and this presented an issue for machines that did not meet the software requirements.

Mechanical Room Point Cloud
Mechanical Room Point Cloud
Mechanical Room in Revit
Mechanical Room in Revit

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Revit modeling of existing structure and visible HVAC, plumbing and electrical infrastructure

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3D laser scanning