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Deodorizer Installation

HH Angus served as prime consultant for this new deodorizer processing plant. The new installation more than doubled the oil refining facility’s existing capacity.

Palm oil is the most widely-used edible oil in the world. Deodorizing is the final stage in refining the oil, and is required to remove odoriferous material, free fatty acids and other undesirable minor components, in order to produce a bland oil with a good shelf life.

The deodorizer tower is 30m high and 2m in diameter, with connected boilers, pumps, etc., that required connection to the existing production plant located adjacent to the expansion area. Due to the height and sectioning of the deodorizer, it had to be built in two stages.

One of the key challenges of the project was the site constraints. Two feasibility studies were produced as part of the investigation. It was determined that a new building was needed, rather than trying to install the deodorizer in the existing building.

In order to accommodate the electrical needs of the deodorizer process, a system upgrade was required to the switchgear. The upgrade allows the client the flexibility to install other major equipment in future.

Enabling projects for the deodorizer installation included a nitrogen tank installation, cooling water system, a new natural gas let down station, and new gas feed to the site.

Prime Consultant | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2017

Detailed Engineering Study  | 3D modeling  | 30m high deodorizer tower connected to existing plant within site constraints | Nitrogen tank installed | System upgrade to switchgear provided flexibility to install other major equipment in future

Modeling in 3D 

As a special feature of the project, HH Angus modeled the installation using Plant 3D software. The installation was quite complex, and creating the model reduced both design time and the construction schedule. The contractor was able to see a comprehensive view of the design, confirming locations of pipes, etc.