Enwave Energy Corporation

Pearl Street Cogeneration Plant

HH Angus provided design and engineering services for Enwave’s CHPSOP 2.0 contract to install a 2 x 2 MW Cogen project at the Pearl Street plant.  

The Pearl Street steam plant is one of two major boiler plants that service Enwave’s downtown Toronto heating system, and usable plant space there was a significant constraint. The new cogeneration was to be installed in limited space in the basement.

We first undertook a feasibility study to determine whether the existing basement would accommodate a 4 MW single engine or 2 x 2 MW engines. Based on the study results, Enwave selected the 2 x 2MW option.

The initial phase of the detailed design was to determine which cogeneration engines would be options, given the space constraints. It was established that only one supplier’s equipment would fit. The next phase involved pre-tenders, including engine generator sets, heat recovery steam generator, selective catalytic reduction, and switch gear.

Plant design used 3D software to ensure all equipment could fit without coordination clashes. The combustion and ventilation required were a major challenge, entailing architectural changes to the building to meet code, and a new area way on the outside of the building, to allow for combustion air and ventilation air. The engine generator had to be disassembled at the distributor and reassembled on site. The focus then moved on to locating a suitable routing for the breeching and silencers off the engine exhausts, which had to travel from the basement to the roof.

In a CHPSOP 2 contract, the client is exporting power into local LDC (Toronto Hydro). HH Angus designed protection, monitoring, and control requirements per Toronto Hydro’s embedded generation technical interconnection requirements.

HH Angus coordinated with Toronto Hydro, on behalf of the client, for: revenue metering CTs/PTs to install in the switchgear hydro compartment; metering cabinet; and commissioning of the synchronization test, protection, and SCADA points. We also issued a signed, embedded generation commissioning report.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Use of 3D plant design to ensure all equipment could be accommodated | Design restricted by space constraints |  Design, protection, monitoring & control requirements per Toronto Hydro's embedded generation technical interconnection requirements