Qualico Developments West Edmonton

Epcor Tower

“Skyscrapers have always inspired the public’s imagination, helping to define a city’s significance and identity. A key consideration for the project team behind EPCOR Tower was the need to create a timeless landmark facility that sets new standards in urban development for the 21st Century.”

— Christiaan Odinga, Lead Designer & Project Manager

EPCOR Tower, at time of construction, represented Edmonton’s first high rise office tower in 20 years. Located at the gateway to the downtown core, it was one of the tallest and most distinctive buildings in the city. The tower, comprising 28 storeys, incorporates a range of sustainable design, construction and operational features and was certified LEED® Silver. It was selected as one of Canada’s most environmentally advanced buildings, and was featured at the World Sustainability Conference in Finland in 2011. Vertical Transportation systems for the building consist of six low-rise elevators, six high-rise elevators, one dedicated service elevator and three parking shuttles.

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Vertical Transportation Consultants

Size: 623,900 ft2 | Status:  Completed 2012

Edmonton, Alberta

KEY SCOPE ELEMENTS                       
6 low-rise elevators, 6 high-rise elevators, 1 dedicated service elevator and 3 parking shuttles | Certified LEED® Silver