Ford Motor Company of Canada

Fuel Cell Building

This building was designed to house Ford’s ‘Fumes-to-Fuel’ technology, which converts toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), generated during the painting process, into electricity that powers the plant’s operations. 

The Oakville system began with a 120KW internal combustion engine that was installed as part of this project. Ford had plans to add additional power generating equipment.

HH Angus served as Prime Consultant for a new, state-of-the-art, 10,000 ft2 building to house a patented process for the capture of VOCs from spray booths.

This engineered industrial building, with a height of 35.5 feet, was constructed adjacent to the existing Ford plant, but is not linked to the plant. The building contains a public viewing area for Ford’s green energy system, a training room, offices, warehouse and washrooms. All public spaces were air-conditioned. A steam boiler provides heating for both the fuel cell process and the building. The electrical feed to the building supports both the process and building. It was connected to an existing electrical substation located inside the existing plant.

As Prime Consultant, we were responsible for all architectural, engineering and structural disciplines for the building, as well as site services and associated utilities for the fuel cell process to function properly.

Prime Consultant | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Size: 10,000 ft2 | Status: Completed 2008

Oakville, Ontario

Engineered industrial building - with a height of 35.5 feet |
Prime Consultant for all disciplines (architectural, structural, mechanical & electrical) as well as site services and associated utilities for the fuel cell process to function properly