Government of Bermuda

Bermuda Magistrate’s Courthouse & Hamilton Police Station

This 128,000 ft2 facility for the island nation of Bermuda includes five courtrooms, police facilities, an underground parking garage, detention cells suitable for overnight and weekend accommodations, a sally port, staff change and locker facilities, offices for court and police staff, and interview facilities.

HH Angus’ scope included mechanical and electrical engineering, IMIT, and AV design. The building is equipped with air conditioning and water retention tanks and is fully sprinklered. Water tanks collect rain water for both potable and fire protection requirements. Cooling equipment consists of air-cooled condensers and indoor compressors to minimize the exposure of equipment to the corrosive effects of salt-laden sea air.

The electrical scope included a high voltage power service, emergency power generator and corresponding dual distribution systems. Selected lighting, equipment and duplex receptacles were connected to emergency power.

The fire alarm system has dual annunciators. Smoke detectors were provided for each individual cell and located to avoid potential vandalism. Detectors were individually addressable in order to rapidly locate individual detectors triggering an alarm.

Fully-integrated closed circuit television, card access and door security monitoring systems were designed. The structured cabling system was a single mixed-media network to all information traffic - voice, video and data.

The latest audio visual technology was installed in the courtrooms: active sound reinforcement system, video system for the presentation of evidence, paging system for the judges, videoconferencing system for remote testimony and deposition, and digital recording system for proceedings recording. In addition there are dedicated elevators for prisoner transfer and additional retention cells adjacent to courtrooms.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | IMIT Design | Security and Communications Design

Size: 128,000 ft2 | Status: Completed 2008

Hamilton, Bermuda

5 courtrooms, police facilities, underground parking, detention cells | Incorporated IMIT and AV design | High voltage power service | Emergency power generator and corresponding dual distribution systems | Structured cabling system as single mixed-media network for all information traffic - voice, video and data | Dedicated elevators for prisoner transfer