Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Heritage Lounge

This mental health facility is located within the waterfront district in Whitby, Ontario. The building underwent renovations to create a lounge that would provide a relaxing space, while displaying an interactive experience representing the 100-year heritage of the site. 

The new heritage lounge provides a welcoming and inviting space where patients and families can visit, relax and participate in events at the Centre. It incorporates private and communal seating areas, state-of-the-art video wall and audio systems, as well as an interactive kiosk and display cases to celebrate the history of the hospital. 

HH Angus provided AV design and electrical engineering to support the renovation, including lighting, power and an integrated 3x3 video wall with the ability to show prerecorded video, cable TV, movies and content developed by the hospital. 

The design for the displays called for them to be recessed so that they appear to be part of the wall, rather than a standalone display. This meant very tight construction tolerances needed to be maintained in order to achieve the desired effect. The power supply and system connections for the display cases and wall were arranged to minimize the overall impact on the area's aesthetic.


AV Design Consulting | Electrical Engineering


Status: Completed 2019 | Integrated Video Wall & Audio | Seamless Recessed Construction | Interactive Kiosks

Whitby, Ontario


State of the art integrated 3x3 video wall and audio capability throughout | Seamless recessed construction, integrated with other interior components





Careful coordination with the architect was required to ensure that the video wall and heritage kiosks integrated seamlessly with the interior space rather than acting as a standalone display.



Lighting Design

The lighting for the Heritage Lounge was designed to suit the purpose and ambiance of the space, as well as to highlight the display cases, ensuring there would be no interference with the operation of the video wall feature.