Infrastructure Ontario & St. Michael’s Hospital

Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower

The new tower will allow patient care to move out of the aging and inadequate Bond and Shuter Wings, for clinical programs and services to be right-sized to meet current standards, and a portion of costly leased administrative space to be repatriated.

HH Angus is part of the Compliance Team for this new 17-storey Patient Care Tower. The Tower will provide an additional ~250,000 ft2 on the Hospital’s main campus in Toronto, with an additional ~150,000 ft2 of renovation distributed throughout the existing building.

The project includes five new operating rooms; enlarged, state-of-the art facilities for orthopedic surgery, coronary care and respirology (including the cystic fibrosis program); an expanded emergency department; and the demolition and new construction of the Shuter Wing.

Addressing the major renovations to the existing building and integrating new infrastructure with existing systems were key challenges for the team. To address these issues, HH Angus provided detailed background information and on-site investigation to mitigate the risks to the Hospital. This challenge extended to the IT systems, where the team was asked to integrate the existing IT infrastructure into the new building. Extensive work was undertaken to bring the Hospital’s aging IT infrastructure up to current standards, and to provide future flexibility. HH Angus designed a solution that would properly integrate and communicate with both the new and existing systems.

Mechanical Compliance Engineering | Electrical Compliance Engineering

Size: 250,000 ft2 new space, 150,000 ft2 of renovations | Status: Ongoing

Toronto, Ontario

17 storey patient care tower |  250000 ft2 new space |  150,000 ft2 of renovations | Integration of new and existing M&E, IT infrastructure | Upgrade outdated pneumatic controls to current DDC technology

A four-decade relationship

St. Mike’s has been a valued client for over 40 years – our lengthy experience with the site has resulted in HH Angus holding a great deal of institutional knowledge about the hospital’s infrastructure.

Let there be light

The Tower’s atrium, which features 11 storeys of natural light, will feature retail space, a patient information centre, and the admitting department.

Images courtesy of Cicada Design