Joseph Brant Hospital

Communications & Automation Technology (ICAT) Vision, Planning, Procurement

The ICAT strategy at Joseph Brant Hospital focused on the interoperability of services between the existing facility and the new facility to allow for seamless delivery of care across the campus.

Our project scope was to develop Joseph Brant Hospital’s (JBH) ICAT vision, and to assist with planning, procurement and implementation of the ICAT strategy. This project was aligned with the P3 procurement project of a new patient tower and renovations to the existing facility, approximately 500,000 ft2. The ICAT strategy included existing and new hospital information technology, communications and automation systems, including the wired and wireless network, RTLS, nurse call, security, etc., as well as peripheral IT device planning.

Our team took the project's leadership through strategic visioning sessions. We facilitated user groups to understand the operations and create the functional requirements, which were translated into technical requirements for ICAT and used to inform and develop the Output Specifications and Technical Specifications.

The team coordinated various funding sources through an Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate exercise to prioritize the ICAT solutions with alignment to the strategic plan. By doing so, the hospital was able to strategically balance its future vision with the organization’s capabilities to roll out an Implementation Roadmap.

Prime Consultant | ICAT

Size: 500,000 ft2 | Status: Completed 2018

Burlington, Ontario

Strategic planning for ICAT | Implementation of road map | Integration concept and design | Design specifications for infrastructure systems

Leading change

One of the challenges of the project was for users to envision how emerging technologies would fit into their current workflows and processes. Our team used a Lean approach, walking through current state processes and challenging users to see best practices, and how ICAT systems would play a role in the future state.

Technology supports learning

As a future site for medical teaching, JBH is looking for opportunities to introduce technology to advance the education mandate. In addition, the hospital continues to look for ways to enable patient care beyond the walls of the facility, through use of the systems by remote staff or providing pre- and post-hospital support and services to patients.