MAN Diesel

Ariguanabo Cuba, ~23 MWe Power Generation Plant

In 2006, the government of Cuba began an ambitious $2 billion program to modernize its decaying Soviet-era energy infrastructure. 

For this ~23 MWe turnkey power station in the town of Ariguanabo, approximately thirty miles from Havana, HH Angus was engaged to provide all mechanical and electrical detailed design, including various piping systems (heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil, lubricating oil, compressed air, steam tracing, etc.), as well as high and low voltage distribution.

The power plant consists of twenty ~1.15 MWe MAN diesel generating sets and was designed as a continuously operating plant.

Generation is at 13.8kV onto a double-ended station (10 generators/bus), stepping up to 34.5kV for distribution across the entire island of Cuba. The plant was designed to operate as a base load plant. The site included extensive tank farm storage of heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil and lubricating oil. Steam tracing was provided on HFO systems. The main fuel is heavy fuel oil, with light oil as the backup.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2009

Ariguanabo, Cuba

~23 MW Power Station (20 X 1.15 diesel generating sets) | Continuous operation / functions as a base load plant | High and low voltage distribution