Ministry of the Attorney General/Infrastructure Ontario

Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse

This multi-storey building features 15 courtrooms, 4 conference/settlement suites, and Ontario’s first aboriginal conference settlement suite. It is LEED® Silver-certified, with barrier-free design, infrared hearing assistance and barrier-free witness stands and jury boxes.

HH Angus provided electrical engineering design, vertical transportation engineering and lighting design for the 8-storey building (seven above grade and one below grade for parking and holding cells). The electrical design features 100% emergency generator backup, UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and inverter lighting systems.

Lighting design included interior lighting, exterior building perimeter and parking. Exterior lighting was designed to be ‘dark sky compliant’, and all lighting design and luminaires targeted LEED® Silver. Custom lighting was designed for the aboriginal conference settlement suite, and featured low energy metal halide T5 fluorescent uplighting for the domed ceiling surfaces and LED downlights for general lighting.

Vertical transportation systems were designed to provide dedicated service for each of the primary forms of facility traffic: public, private (judicial), prisoner and building services. There are twelve elevators in total, the majority of which are Machine-Room-Less (MRL) gearless traction type. This elevator type represented the latest technological advance for energy efficiency and operational performance for low-to-medium rise buildings. Custom cab finishes for the public and private elevators complement the building’s interior design, while the prisoner elevators include an interior partition for the safe movement of accused by security staff.

Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design | Vertical Transportation Design

Status: Completed 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Designed transportation system to provide dedicated service for each form of facility traffic | Custom lighting design for specific conference suite featured low metal halide T5 fluorescent uplighting| MRL gearless traction type was used for - the majority of the elvators| LEED Silver

Built to last

The Courthouse was a design-build-finance-maintain project, with life-cycle repair and renewal responsibilities that ensure the courthouse (including heating and cooling systems, windows, floors, roofing structures and hard landscaping) is kept in excellent working condition over the 30-year period.