Ministry of the Solicitor General

Adult Infrastructure Renewal Program

The Adult Infrastructure Renewal Program consolidated facilities in the provincially-run prison system in order to substantially reduce operating costs. 

The emphasis was on efficient construction, high security and very low staff requirements. HH Angus worked closely with the client to create an economical design based on double bunking, which accommodated a total of 4,700 beds (three 1,500 - 1,700-bed facilities) in the Ontario communities of Lindsay, Penetanguishene and Milton.

Each facility consists of modular housing units encircling central control posts, and has a large Admitting and Discharge area, medical unit, segregation and a women’s unit. All the facilities house both detainees awaiting trial and inmates with sentences under two years.

HH Angus was involved in the mechanical and electrical design engineering of these state-of-the-art facilities, which include ultra-modern features and advanced technologies for enhancing public safety.

Some of the new design and technical features include:

  • Video Remand - videoconferencing for routine bail and remand hearings. The program effectively reduces security risks, as well as costs associated with transporting prisoners.
  • Sallyport Double-Locking Door System - The first of two doors opens into a secure area of the facility. Staff open the second door in the sallyport system once they determine it is safe to allow movement through the halls. By monitoring all activity through a window, staff control the opening and closing of the doors, severely restricting inmate movement.
  • Control Station - A control station is located in the centre of each pod. The station has direct sight lines along halls and into all populated areas. The pods are self-contained units where inmates spend their days. This reduces the need for inmate movement throughout the facility.
  • Video Surveillance - Cameras provide the control station with comprehensive sight lines within any area of the pod.
  • X-Ray Scanning Imagery and Metal Detectors – These restrict the flow of contraband into the prison system. All visitors must pass through a metal detector, where items being carried into the facility are examined by x-ray.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Planning, Design and Compliance (PDC)

Status: Completed 2006

Toronto, Ontario

3 state-of-the-art-facilities | Added ultra-modern features to enhance public safety | Construction included double-bunking, which accommodated a total of 4,700 beds (across three 1,500 - 1,700-bed facilities) in the Ontario communities of Lindsay, Penetanguishene and Milton