Olympia & York Developments

Canary Wharf – One Canada Place & London Docklands Light Rail Transit Station

Olympia & York’s entire Canary Wharf project pivots on this 50-storey tower, which opened as the tallest building in Europe in 1991. The 1,248,000 ft2 building was designed to provide flexibility for incoming tenants to fit out the space to suit their own requirements.

The entire building supports extensive telecommunication infrastructure. Three separate phone companies have dual riser space allocated, resulting in an extremely high level of servicing.

HH Angus provided the electrical design for this landmark building. The electrical systems feature an extremely robust design with double-ended substations, (two transformers, one for redundancy) and a high level of service for the tenant floors.

The electrical power facilities parallel this highly-serviced design with double-ended transformer substations. The tenant and landlord power supplies are separated to reduce harmonic interference.

The building is totally smoke controlled. The computerized fire alarm system controls the smoke extraction and pressurization systems, as well as the lifts, and has expansion space to accommodate future tenant needs. One thousand tons of chilled water capacity has auto changeover facilities between separate HV services from two substations of the local utility.

Light Rail System

HH Angus also designed systems for the Canary Wharf station for the Dockland Light Rail system, which is built into the base of One Canada Square. The station was redeveloped from a small wayside station to a much larger one with six platforms serving three tracks and a large overall roof. It is fully integrated into the retail malls below the Canary Wharf office towers.

The Dockland LRT system is an automated light metro system that uses minimal staffing. In 2017/18, it carried almost 122 million passenger trips.

Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 1991

London, England

Robust electrical design with double-ended tranformer substations | High level of servicing | Designed systems for LRT station | Extensive telecommunications infrastructure and specialty lighting

Lighting up London 

Specialty lighting in the pyramid internally illuminates and reflects from the louvre vents to produce a glow that is visible at night from across the London skyline.