Public Health Ontario Laboratories

MaRS Discovery District

“Every day, the entrepreneurs and innovators at MaRS work on ideas that will save lives, invent whole new industries and create jobs we can’t even imagine today.”

— Glen Murray, then-Minister of Research and Innovation

The MaRS* Discovery District combines a variety of companies, research disciplines and professional services, specifically promoting cross-institutional collaboration. The complex comprises approximately 1.5 million ft2.

HH Angus was engaged by Public Health Ontario to engineer its space in the MaRS Phase II building, in order to provide a new public health laboratory in Toronto.  The project was a leasehold improvement of approximately 160,000 ft2 on the top four floors of the MaRS Phase II Tower in Toronto.

The project scope included CL-2 and CL-3 laboratories and associated support systems, as well as related office, administrative and support space.

The CL-2 and CL-3 labs were designed, constructed, commissioned and certified in accordance with the Health Canada Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines, as well as other authorities having jurisdiction. Merrick and Company was involved in the CL-3 architecture and engineering design.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Vertical Transportation Design | Lighting Design | Communications & Security

Size: 160,000 ft2 | Status: Completed 2014

Toronto, Ontario

Implemented new laboratory design | CL-2 and CL-3 labs | Associated support systems and office space

Safer spaces, lower costs 

HH Angus negotiated with the City of Toronto for low level exhaust and supply. Instead of 1cfm/ft2, we implemented .75cfm/ft2. This resulted in the delivery of a safer site at less cost, as well as lower operating costs.

Density equals design complexity

This project was a complicated fitout, due to the high density of scientific equipment and associated requirements for mechanical and electrical infrastructure; for example, the large number of fume hoods on site.

*MaRS refers to Medical and Related Sciences, the original mandate for the operation. When the founders wanted to further the commercial potential of research and science investment, the acronym came to represent the P3 development as a whole.

Quote source: MaRS Centre Phase 2 Set for Completion in Fall 2013