Queen’s University

School of Medicine

The Queen’s University School of Medicine is a state-of-the-art multifaceted facility. This project updates, consolidates, expands and relocates the teaching, research, administrative and student facilities, which had previously been scattered across several buildings. The greenfield project was built to ensure sustained teaching and research excellence.

The building is 128,260 ft2 on five levels, plus a mechanical penthouse, and consists of a teaching facility comprising medical teaching spaces, simulation labs and surgical/technical skills labs, autopsy, microbiology and biochemistry labs and support spaces, physiology/pharmacology and support spaces, anatomy and dissection labs, two teaching theatres, medical teaching facilities and study rooms.

The design of this leading-edge facility included a fitout to enable electronic mannequins in the simulation labs, and medical gas installations to permit students to perform simulated procedures. Mechanical specifications encompassed special exhaust equipment in the autopsy rooms to evacuate chemicals used in autopsy processes and body preservation, as well as a fitout for body storage.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Size: 128,260 ft2 | Status: Completed 2011

Kingston, Ontario

Mechanical penthouse | Teaching facility comprising medical teaching spaces, distinctive labs and support spaces
| Fitout to enable electronic mannequins and medical gas installations