Ecosystem Program

The Scotiabank Ecosystem Program represented a comprehensive one million ft2 ‘refresh’ for floors and offices in downtown Toronto. The most pressing challenge was the schedule, which was both complex and compressed; for example, drawings for three floors were delivered in only three to four weeks, a more typical timeframe for design of a single floor.

Another challenge was implementing a design standard for existing buildings and infrastructure that differed by location. Often, the only common elements were architectural treatment and power supply. While all the buildings complied with the standards template for audio visual and connectivity, each presented unique challenges that required custom deviations from the standard in order to successfully execute the retrofit.  Existing spaces were fully demolished down to the floor plate. The grid remained, but all lighting was reworked to conform to the new design. This was the third stage of a three-stage refresh, with our team having previously delivered stages 1 and 2.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Audio Visual Design | Communications Design

Status: Completed 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Complex and compressed schedule | Design template had to be customized by location | All lighting reworked to conform to design 

— Image courtesy of HOK