Super Internet Data Centre, Kamloops BC

“The Kamloops Internet Data Centre will be the cornerstone of our national next-generation cloud computing services, handling complex data storage and offering unsurpassed connectivity, superior functionality, state-of-the-art security and industry-leading reliability to our clients.”*

Lloyd Switzer, TELUS Senior VP, Network Transformation

The new TELUS Tier III design-certified data centre was the first TELUS Super Internet Data Centre built to LEED Gold standards. It is directly connected to the national TELUS IP network and interconnects into existing data centres across the country, creating what has been described as the most advanced and regionally diverse computing infrastructure in Canada.

The Intelligent Internet Data Centre incorporates innovative, non-traditional solutions, such as a closed-loop cooling system that provides unparalleled operating efficiency. The first of its kind in the world, this system is 180 times more efficient than that of a traditional cooling plant.

TELUS reports a PUE** of 1.15 for the data centre, which put TELUS at the forefront of the industry. The new data centre has a modular design, enabling TELUS to rapidly expand capacity and to tailor its offerings to the most advanced and efficient technologies available.

Mechanical Engineering |  Electrical Engineering |  Security Design | IMIT Engineering | Vertical Transportation Consulting | Lighting Design

Status: Completed 2012


Modular construction with reduced on-site fabrication | Inaugural installation of patented cooling system

Ensuring Quality Control

HH Angus acted as the Owner’s Commissioning QC Representative. Our responsibilities included review of the commissioning plan, the schedule and test scripts prepared by Commissioning Agent and the site observation reports to the stakeholder team - these covered the 27.6kV incoming switchgear complete with automatic transfer scheme, diesel rotary UPS system, automatic transfer switches, 600V distribution switchboards, Electrical Monitoring System (EMS), ISOT and Black Start Testing.

Tier III Accreditation

HH Angus was the Owner’s representative for the Uptime Institute On-Site Tier III Accreditation Audit.

**PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness, is the Uptime Institute’s classification system, an internationally recognized benchmark to assess  data centre reliability.

*BC Tech News: TELUS OPENS 75 Million Next Generation Cloud Computing Data Centre in Kamloops