Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Cogeneration Plant

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre required a new outdoor enclosed cogeneration machine to be integrated into the existing mechanical and electrical hospital systems to displace utility electricity and boiler production.

As prime consultant, some of the challenges we overcame on this project included: meeting the delivery deadline under a very tight schedule once the project was approved to proceed; working under the confines of space constraints; noise suppression requirements associated with working in an operating healthcare facility; and integration and use of low temperature water from cogeneration.

To address these challenges, HH Angus pre-tendered the equipment, which allowed for unit production while mechanical and electrical design continued. To address the issue of noise infiltration to the hospital, the unit noise suppression was specified to very strict levels, and these were successfully met.

Although low temperature heat is normally unused in this process and is displaced to the atmosphere, our design incorporated low temperature heat along with high temperature waste heat for use in the dearator make-up. This feature adds a level of long-term efficiency to the installation.

Prime Consultant | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Civil Engineering | Structural Engineering

Size: 1.5 MW | Status: Completed 2015

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Integration of new outdoor cogeneration plant into existing hospital M&E systems | Aggressive delivery schedule | Mitigation of noise and space constraints




Meeting deadlines

Despite a very tight schedule, the project was completed on time and within budget.