Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Clinic

HH Angus has been providing mechanical and electrical engineering at the Sunnybrook campus since 1945. The complex now totals more than 2,000,000 ft2. In that time, a great many individual projects have been successfully delivered. The Cancer Centre, described below, represents an ongoing program of redevelopment and renovation. Other large project examples from Sunnybrook include M Wing and the Sunnybrook High Voltage Emergency Power Renewal.

Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Clinic

The Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrook campus has been upgraded, renovated and expanded a number of times since originally constructed over 40 years ago. We have been involved with this facility since its inception. The original building was 70,000 ft2, with four Radiation Therapy Treatment Rooms and one Simulation Suite for treatment planning.

The facility saw a major expansion and renovation in the early 1990s, which increased the area to 200,000 ft2 and included eight new Radiation Therapy Treatment Rooms and two new Simulator Suites. An on-going program of upgrades has seen comprehensive replacement of older treatment equipment with newer options.

The original building construction included one simulator suite, two high energy (25MEV) radiotherapy treatment rooms, one medium energy (6 MEV) radiotherapy treatment room, one cobalt room and full chemotherapy facilities. Later, a second cobalt room was added, along with a building addition, including one medium energy (6MEV) radiotherapy treatment room and two simulators.

In 1993, a major addition included three medium energy (6MEV) radiotherapy treatment rooms (Siemens), a Simulator suite (Philips), three high energy (25 MEV) radiotherapy treatment rooms (Philips), a CT simulator suite (Picker), one new cobalt room, and relocation of the existing cobalt room.

In a renovation project in 1999/2000, we replaced existing treatment equipment, specifically two medium and two high energy radiotherapy treatment rooms (Siemens), and added a new high energy radiotherapy treatment room. That was followed a few years later by replacement of the existing cobalt treatment equipment with new medium energy radiation therapy equipment.

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Size: 200,000 ft2 |  Status: Ongoing Upgrades

Toronto, Ontario

Ongoing expansion and renovations 

Increasing treatment options

In the decade from 2000 to 2010, we added a PET simulator, an MRI Suite, replaced one cobalt treatment room with a tomotherapy treatment room and, tackling one room at a time, have replaced all existing equipment.

Improving service

We also completed a renovation to modernize the Main Reception area and new Pharmacy, and renovations to the chemotherapy treatment area.