Toronto Transit Commission

Bayview Station – Sheppard Line

The Sheppard line is the TTC’s shortest subway line and opened in 2002. It is entirely underground, and has five stations on 5.5 km’s of track. The Bayview Station was designed for a 5-car train with a future platform roughed in for a 6-car train.

The above-grade buildings included the main entrance building, which incorporates an electrical substation, automatic entrance and secondary entrance with an under-street tunnel to the main concourse. The station was built as a cut and cover construction project.

The mechanical engineering design included tunnel ventilation, smoke venting fans, ventilation and air conditioning of service spaces, sanitary and storm drainage for washrooms and service areas, track drainage and fire protection systems.

The electrical scope included power distribution, lighting and communications systems. Design layouts were provided for power distribution of the subway station, as well as traction power for the trains. Lighting designs were provided for exterior public areas.

The communications systems included fire alarm protection, public address speakers, passenger intercom, TTC pax telephones, public telephones and security systems including closed circuit television.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Communications | Security Design

Status: Completed 2000

Toronto, Ontario

Tunnel and smoke ventilation | Air conditioning | Sanitary and storm drainage, track drainage and fire protection system | Communication system design included TTC pax telephones, public telephones and security systems, including closed-circuit television

Ensuring team coordination

Close coordination with the architectural, structural and other consultants was needed, in order to integrate the various mechanical and electrical systems into the station structure. Services were extensively embedded.

Collaborating for successful delivery

Engaging the key stakeholders from the client’s design and operations teams, the design team and project management team was instrumental to successful design implementation. Our design was highly detailed, to ensure the installation contractors could both bid the project with confidence and construct it successfully.