Toronto Transit Commission

Union Station Revitalization

One goal of this revitalization project was to substantially improve public access throughout the almost century-old Union Station. To that end, numerous elevating devices were added to the site.

Union Station is Canada’s busiest rail passenger facility, handling as many as 65 million passengers annually. This number is expected to grow substantially in the future, along with expanded commuter rail and other services. To assist in improving public access, HH Angus served as the Vertical Transportation (VT) Consultants overseeing work associated with more than 30 elevators and 20 escalators that were installed at various stages of construction.

Six completely new basement traction freight elevators were installed, engineered to suit existing hoistways, which were retained from above the platform level. To meet the requirements for heritage-designated sites, new landing doors for these elevators were designed to mimic the original door panels.

Specific to GO Transit, seven new MRL (machine room-less) traction elevators were introduced, while two existing hydraulic elevators underwent major alterations, and three existing hydraulic elevators were decommissioned.

HH Angus’ scope of services extended from the Concept Design stage through to commissioning reviews performed during the Construction Administration phase.

Vertical Transportation Consultants

Status: Completed 2018

Toronto, Ontario

KEY SCOPE ELEMENTS                                      Vertical Oversaw more than 30 elevators and 20 escalators at various stages of construction | 7 new MRL traction elevators  | Major alterations to 2 existing hydraulic elevators 

Full range of services

Both passenger and freight elevators were included in the total VT installation, representing new equipment as well as units that were altered from prior installation.