Town of Aurora

Landfill Gas System

Landfills produce biogas, a combination of methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, typically with an energy content of approximately 500 BTU/ft3. Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment mandated that landfills of a certain size are required to collect and combust the biogas they produce.

It is an obvious benefit to be able to capture the renewable energy being collected from these landfills. HH Angus was retained to provide technical expertise in the development of a 1MW electricity-generating project at the closed Waste Management landfill site in Aurora.

As design engineer, HH Angus produced detailed mechanical and electrical plans for the installation. Additional responsibilities included: obtaining a parallel generation agreement with Aurora Hydro Connections Ltd. in order to feed electricity onto the grid; amending the site’s existing MOE Certificate of Approval; and working with the Town of Aurora for planning approval.

The power generation set was installed in July 2005 and was operating on landfill gas by late September, with final approval from Aurora Hydro to inject “green” power into the grid.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed  2005

Aurora, Ontario

Produced detailed mechanical and electrical plans for installation | Procured parallel generation agreement with Aurora Hydro | MOE Certificate of Approval amended for the site | Worked with Town of Aurora to obtain planning approval

A decade of ‘green’ power

Based on age and size, the Aurora landfill had enough fuel to operate a 1MW generator for at least ten years.