Trillium Health Partners

Infrastructure Renewal

The infrastructure renewal work for Trillium Health Partners is focused on the Queensway Health Centre site, an acute care facility. Some of the funding comes from Ontario’s Healthcare Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF), which supplements a hospital’s existing infrastructure renewal program and helps address renewal needs on a priority basis.

As prime consultant, HH Angus is implementing a series of mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades that include air handling units, Phase four of the electrical infrastructure renewal, as well as miscellaneous other projects. The scope of work includes the redesign of major mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Along the way, we are integrating newly designed systems into existing facilities, which presents some interesting challenges, given the age of the existing infrastructure.

A key consideration of the work is avoiding disruption to hospital services, and this is the paramount factor in scheduling. In order to ensure continued hospital operation, carefully planned sequential shutdowns minimize disruption to both staff and patients. 

Prime Consultant | Electrical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering

Status: Ongoing

Toronto, Ontario

Series of mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades | Challenging renovation within old infrastructure | Hospital required 24/7 operations around planned shutdowns | Infrastructure Renewal Bundle 3 includes AHUs boiler modifications | Phase 4 electrical infrastructure renewal, roofing replacement, etc.

— Photos courtesy of Trillium Health Partners