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BESS & Microgrid System

The battery energy storage system facility reduces electrical demand for a Class A electricity facility operating during anticipated Global Adjustment hours.

Johnson Controls, the turnkey EPC and facility energy service company, engaged HH Angus to engineer a 2 MWe (4 MWh) behind-the-meter battery energy storage system (BESS). 

The installation is part of a microgrid design that incorporates rooftop solar panels for six buildings (~500kWe), a 2 MWe (4 MWh) BESS, and a 2 MWe natural gas engine-generator peaker. The goal of the installation is to reduce Global Adjustment charges. It also supports much of the facility in the event of a power failure on the grid.

The solar panels and BESS were installed during spring and summer of 2018, and the engine-generator peaker plant has been submitted for a building permit.

Prime Consultant | Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2021


Engineered 2 MWe (4MWh) behind-the-meter battery energy storage | Microgrid design including solar, BESS, NG engine- generator peaking plant for six buildings

Energy innovation funding

The project was predicated on receiving Government of Canada Strategic Innovation Fund support for innovative energy projects.