Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care 

Waypoint Chigamik Community Health Hub

The Waypoint Chigamik Mental Health Centre is part of a redevelopment project replacing two older facilities that had been in use in the region since the 1800s. 

Project challenges included the requirement that the entire building be completely designed in one stage, rather than proceeding with design packages, as well as delays in funding during the design process which resulted in a requirement for both a base building package and a fit-out package.

To accomplish this, HH Angus coordinated two tender packages and two building permit submissions. Some detailed specifications in each package were interchangeable for the mechanical and electrical tender process. Working with phased schedules ensured that equipment start-up was fully coordinated between the tender packages.

The project faced additional challenges to providing an energy efficient HVAC system due to compliance with CSA Z317.2 and budget restrictions, as well as a small mechanical service space. In order to overcome these challenges, extensive coordination was required throughout the project across all disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design | ICAT Commissioning

Size: 40,000 ft2 | DBFM | Fully ducted HVAC system designed to comply with CSA Z317.2 | Status: Completed 2020

Midland, Ontario

Building has full back up power with generator sized to accommodate the entire load of the building on loss of utility power conditions

Exterior of Waypoint Chigamik Community Health Hub

Efficient design

Several engineering designs were reviewed by the project team to ensure compliance with the owner’s goals and restrictions, while achieving an efficient design.

Customized spaces

The two-storey 40,000 ft2 mental health care facility has amenities for indigenous smudging ceremonies, physiotherapy, conferences, a community kitchen, gathering rooms, and a youth programming space.

Exterior of Waypoint Chigamik Community Health Hub

Renderings courtesy of Lett Architects Inc.