Yukon Energy

Gas Drive Cogeneration Plant

Yukon Energy is a publicly-owned electrical utility that operates as a business at arm’s length from the Yukon government. It is the main generator and transmitter of electrical energy in Yukon and works with Yukon Development Corporation to provide Yukoners with electricity and related energy services.

There are almost 15,000 electricity consumers in the Yukon Territory. Yukon Energy directly serves about 1,700 of these customers, most of whom are in the communities of Dawson City, Mayo and Faro.

Included in our electrical scope for Yukon Energy’s new cogeneration plant:

  • Design of a two X 4.4 MWe Jenbacher 4160V LNG (liquid natural gas)-fed modular, containerized generation facility
  • Supply of affiliated electrical power equipment (interface power transformer & switchgear, including electrical protection and control) to integrate from the owner’s existing transformer T4 6900V secondary into the electrical generation system distribution to connect the generation equipment
  • Supply of station service transformer and distribution equipment to power all auxiliary equipment (jacket water pumps, dry cooler, battery chargers, module lighting, etc).

The Yukon Energy interface included a utility interface panel for complete utility interconnection to local standards. We provided interface wiring design for protection (ie. transfer trip) and SCADA, as well as outlining the electrical design for the switchgear container. Additional design included the balance of the plant engine electrical support services (HT & LT cooling, exhaust gas heat exchanger and fresh/waste oil and glycol makeup systems), etc. These services are supplied by a separate 600V service provided by the owner.

Electrical Engineering

Status: Completed 2015

Yukon, Canada

Design of 2 X 4.4 MWe Jenbacher 4160 LNG-fed containerized generation facility | Utility panel, interface wire design for protection and SCADA | Outlined electrical design for switchgear container | Designed plant engine electrical support services | Balance of plant engine electrical support services