Peel Regional Police  

Headquarters Renovation

The renovation project customized this building for policing and admin functions. Originally, the building had been designed for pharmaceutical research labs and support spaces. 

HH Angus was engaged to provide M&E and IMIT consulting engineering for the partial renovation of this existing Peel Regional Police facility. The building has a gross area of ~ 91,000 ft2, with the renovated area totaling ~ 70,000 ft2.

The project involved replacing two boilers and heat pumps, along with the installation of a new make-up air unit on the roof. These service the entire building’s hydronic heating, while the new make-up air unit serves the basement area. As well, part of the contract was to upgrade mechanical systems to suit new load, due to changes in office floor layout and function.

Among the challenges of the project was the requirement for multiple site surveys in order to confirm the existing equipment on site. The project was also completed under a very aggressive schedule in order to meet the targeted occupancy date.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design | IMIT Consulting

Renovated space size: 70,000 ft2 | Status: Completed 2019

Peel Region, GTA, Ontario

Extensive mechanical upgrades and replacements | Multiple site surveys to overcome lack of as-built drawings | Fast-track schedule

Exterior of Peel Regional Police Headquarters
Exterior of Peel Regional Police Headquarters

Images courtesy of CS&P Architects Inc.

Town of Oakville   

Fire Hall #8

Integrated Project Delivery is the procurement model for the design and construction of this project, a methodology that, in our experience, provides excellent results for our clients, as well as fostering greater collaboration within the project team. 

Oakville’s new fire station and amenities are designed to serve a growing population. Targeting LEED Silver certification, the new 1.5 storey facility will be almost fully constructed from glue laminated and cross laminated timber (CLT). CLT is a relatively new construction material in North America; CLT panels/walls are fabricated off site, where all M&E openings and penetrations are cut out, and are subsequently assembled on site. This approach requires extremely close coordination between the structural designers and the M&E designers since, unlike drywall, wood openings cannot be adjusted once cut. The modular construction approach will also help meet the aggressive schedule for this project.

Ironically, the new fire station will be clad in charred wood. Shou Sugi Ban charred siding, made from logs reclaimed from Ontario and Quebec waterways, offers many safety and operational advantages: it is ultra-low maintenance, naturally resistant to insects, moisture and rot, has proven fire resistance qualities, and is sun and water repellent. At end of life, the siding can be disposed of safely, without environmental damage.

HH Angus’ mechanical scope includes variable refrigerant flow, energy recovery ventilators, infrared tube heaters, and vehicle exhaust system. Electrical systems include natural gas backup generator, daylight harvesting sensors, provision for solar PV, CCTV and card access, and fire locution (radio system for 911 dispatch). Special provisions were made to allow speakers to be installed strategically throughout the building to support the locution/fire alerting system, with additional provisions for the radio antenna.

The fire hall floor plan consists of three fire truck bays - two drive-through and one back-in bay, gymnasium, dormitory, kitchen, offices, meeting rooms, IT room, and many specialized service spaces. Fire Hall #8 will be a designated “post disaster building” when operational; hence, the M&E systems specified are very robust. 


Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design | Communications Design | Security Design


Status: Completion 2020 | 11,500 ft2 | Integrated Project Delivery | Mass timber construction | Targeting LEED Silver | Designated 'post disaster' building

Oakville, Ontario


Net Zero provisions for future conversion, with high efficiency M&E | Shou Sugi Ban charred wood cladding | Provision for future photo voltaic installation | locution/fire alerting system 





Net Zero Conversion

The owner requested highly efficient M&E systems that provide for future Net Zero conversion. The Fire Hall is designed to accommodate a 40kW Solar PV system to offset and displace energy usage.


Site Challenges

Although it’s a new facility, the Fire Hall is being built adjacent to an existing EMS Station and shares the road entrance and utilities. This presented a challenge in planning construction, service entrances and operations. Our team had to ensure that, during both construction and when operational, the Fire Hall will not impede EMS' emergency response process.


Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension
Pioneer Village & Finch West Station

The TTC’s 8.6 km line opened to the public in December 2017. All six stations are fully accessible and Wi-Fi equipped. The line is comprised of both tunnel and cut-and-cover sections. HH Angus provided mechanical and electrical consulting engineering for the Pioneer Village and Finch West stations.  

Above ground, the new stations include a main entrance, secondary and automatic entrance and electrical substation.  Our mechanical scope included ventilation and air conditioning of services spaces, sanitary and storm drainage for washrooms and service area, track drainage, fire protection systems, as well as incorporation of system-wide tunnel ventilation. In addition, it incorporated water-efficient plumbing fixtures and energy efficient HVAC systems.

Our electrical scope covered power distribution, lighting and communications systems. Design layouts were provided for power distribution of the subway station, as well as traction power for the trains.

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design | Communications Consulting

Status: Completed 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Underground subway stations with integrated bus terminals | Integrated traction power substation | Water-efficient plumbing fixtures and energy efficient HVAC systems 

Custom transit lighting

The lighting design featured reduced power consumption. Lighting design for the exterior public zones incorporated increased daylight levels, LED lighting in pylon signs, and energy-efficient lighting in illuminated wayfinding signage.

Comprehensive communications design

The communications systems design included fire alarm protection, public address speakers, passenger intercom, TTC PAX telephones, public telephones and security systems, including closed circuit television.

Ministry of the Attorney General/Infrastructure Ontario

Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse

This multi-storey building features 15 courtrooms, 4 conference/settlement suites, and Ontario’s first aboriginal conference settlement suite. It is LEED® Silver-certified, with barrier-free design, infrared hearing assistance and barrier-free witness stands and jury boxes.

HH Angus provided electrical engineering design, vertical transportation engineering and lighting design for the 8-storey building (seven above grade and one below grade for parking and holding cells). The electrical design features 100% emergency generator backup, UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and inverter lighting systems.

Lighting design included interior lighting, exterior building perimeter and parking. Exterior lighting was designed to be ‘dark sky compliant’, and all lighting design and luminaires targeted LEED® Silver. Custom lighting was designed for the aboriginal conference settlement suite, and featured low energy metal halide T5 fluorescent uplighting for the domed ceiling surfaces and LED downlights for general lighting.

Vertical transportation systems were designed to provide dedicated service for each of the primary forms of facility traffic: public, private (judicial), prisoner and building services. There are twelve elevators in total, the majority of which are Machine-Room-Less (MRL) gearless traction type. This elevator type represented the latest technological advance for energy efficiency and operational performance for low-to-medium rise buildings. Custom cab finishes for the public and private elevators complement the building’s interior design, while the prisoner elevators include an interior partition for the safe movement of accused by security staff.

Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design | Vertical Transportation Design

Status: Completed 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Designed transportation system to provide dedicated service for each form of facility traffic | Custom lighting design for specific conference suite featured low metal halide T5 fluorescent uplighting| MRL gearless traction type was used for - the majority of the elvators| LEED Silver

Built to last

The Courthouse was a design-build-finance-maintain project, with life-cycle repair and renewal responsibilities that ensure the courthouse (including heating and cooling systems, windows, floors, roofing structures and hard landscaping) is kept in excellent working condition over the 30-year period.

Town of Innisfil

Innisfil Public Library

The Town of Innisfil lies on the western shore of Lake Simcoe, some 80 kilometres north of Toronto. From its beginnings as a lumber region, it evolved into a cottage community and then into a rural residential centre, as more and more cottagers turned their properties into year-round homes.

Today, permanent residents account for over 90% of the population, supported by expanded municipal services such as the community library.

HH Angus’ scope for this library renewal and expansion project included upgrading existing and adding new HVAC, plumbing, electrical and lighting systems in both the renovated and new spaces.

The site consisted of 11,500 ft2 (1,068m2) of existing space and an adjoining new construction of 11,000 ft2 (1,022m2).

Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Lighting Design

Size: 11,500 ft2 renovation and 11,000 ft2 of new construction | Status: Completed 2015

Innisfil, Ontario

Innovative-mechanical, electrical and lighting design for the library | Upgraded and added new HVAC, plumbing, electrical and lighting in both renovated and new spaces