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Digital Strategy Enhance day-to-day operations

Digital strategy encompasses a variety of solutions which enhance day-to-day operations and support your enterprise strategy, from real-time location systems and smart buildings to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. In today’s increasingly connected environment, a comprehensive digital strategy helps get the most out of technology investments by ensuring that projects are aligned with your organizational goals and supported by robust foundational IT infrastructure. Our proven methodology helps clients make smart technology investments while working within budget and time constraints, backed by the technical expertise of our consultants who bring real-world design and implementation experience.

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Envisioning real-life journeys

Supplementing and supporting the digital strategy, we employ Day-in-the-Life visioning scenarios which depicts how people will interact with the proposed technologies/systems in a real-life journey through the organization. This becomes a valuable planning tool for communicating the impact of various technologies in the context of the staff members and stakeholders who will use them, explaining how and why the technology solutions work together, and improving engagement, buy-in and adoption.

Business Case Analysis

Understanding ROI

While strategy takes a high-level approach to technology planning, business case analysis provides a deeper understanding of the costs, benefits and return on investment (ROI) of a specific project or technology solution. Our consultants analyze the operational and financial impact of a potential investment while considering product lifecycles, maintenance, support, and future technology evolution to develop a comprehensive business case for investment. Our unbiased and analytical approach means clients can rely on our support to make evidence-based decisions which are backed by strong technical expertise.

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Patient In The Hospital

Process Mapping
Optimizing occupant experiences

Leveraging Lean methodology principles, clinical experience and strong industry knowledge, our workflow mapping and process improvement team brings clients closer to achieving their business objectives, whether they are to improve efficiency, increase staff and occupant safety, reduce costs and enhance the occupant experience.

Our process improvement toolkit, which builds upon our proven approach, has helped our clients – across a range of industries –  create the basis for their digital transformation.  Our team works closely with user groups to truly understand the current state and needs for the future organization’s digital requirements from a patient, provider and business perspective. We find that applying a forward-looking perspective and incorporating emerging technology trends helps clients build a clear understanding of how workflow will help drive the integration of architectural, technology, information and process elements to optimize the building and occupant experience.

Change Management Improving technology adoption

While digital transformation creates an opportunity to vastly improve workflows, efficiency, safety and client satisfaction, the significant impact to staff is an often overlooked component of such an operational change. Our consultants evaluate an organization’s readiness to change, identify the magnitude of change that each technology will bring to workflows and processes, and develop plans that leverage strategies such as champions of change, training, and go-live support to ease the transition and improve technology adoption.

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Operational Readiness
Enabling success on opening day and beyond

The project isn’t finished once construction is complete. The new facility was designed to support your staff, customers and other occupants. We bring unparalleled experience in supporting system implementation from a clinical and operational readiness perspective.

Our team’s clinical background lends an important and unique perspective to planning, ensuring that challenges and potential risks are identified and addressed as early in the project as possible and that stakeholders are engaged, excited and ready to adopt new workflows and technologies.

Unified Communications
Integrate future thinking today

A key enabler to workforce mobility is the deployment of technology solutions that provide seamless communication experiences.  Unified communications systems provide the capability for team members to communicate and collaborate better via voice, video and data on a single platform that takes advantage of an organizations infrastructure and device mix.  

We help clients define their communication requirements/specifications, technology roadmap and builds the infrastructure to ensure systems work together to optimize communications. With both technology consulting, management consulting and engineering expertise we provide strategic planning and design engineering to help clients integrate future thinking into their projects today.

Video Conferencing Webinar Chat Or Videoconference Video Conferencing Webinar Chat Or Videoconference On Tablet
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Innovation Hub Consulting
Frameworks for innovation

With new technologies introduced to the market ever so frequently, organizations often struggle to keep pace with new advancements and how to effectively allocate strained financial and human resources. 

Many organizations have started embracing a technique for enabling process and outcome innovations through establishing in-house innovation hubs which help propel ideas from design concepts to implementation.  Our experienced team has studied world-class organizations who have established innovation hubs and bring these lessons learned to help our clients establish a framework that creates a clear link between strategy and innovation. Angus Connect sets the stage for innovation by assisting with establishing clear governance, clarifying goals, setting priorities, building channels for communications and identifying opportunities for industry partnerships.

Smart Buildings Physical world meets the digital world

Understanding what a smart building is can be confusing, even frustrating at times because there is no one size fits all definition in the industry.

We like to think of smart buildings as the cross section where the physical world meets the digital world allowing buildings to have the capability to think for themselves They are places where a host of integrated technology solutions, such as building systems, internet of technology connected devices, wired and wireless network, converge to work together as a single, unified system working towards an organizations goals.

Woman locking her automated house using an app on a tablet computer Latin American woman locking the door of her automated house using an app on a tablet computer. **DESIGN ON SCREEN WAS MADE FROM SCRATCH BY US**
Female medical practitioner reassuring a patient Female medical practitioner reassuring a patient

Command/ Operations Centres

Improving patient outcomes

As healthcare organizations look for ways to minimize costly delays in the delivery of healthcare services or to improve patient outcomes through better coordination along the care pathway or across the enterprise, the Command Centre is a solution that inspires re-imagination.

The implementation of a Command Centre has helped a growing number of healthcare organizations redesign processes, bring people together with better information and proactively manage care in real-time to direct the right resources where they need to go in order to move patients through the system.  Our consulting team is made up of clinicians and engineers who help with setting the direction on how you would like to revitalize your operations.  We have advised a number of clients establish a common vision, spell out the key functions, identify key relationships (or occupancy, co-location, partnerships), determine technology requirements and establish the needed intelligence supported by integrations from the rich sources of data within clinical, business and building systems.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Impacting space design

An often-overlooked component of redevelopment planning, Automated Guided Vehicles can have a substantial impact on the space allocation, planning and design of a building. Failure to consider this technology often results in costly changes later in the design process – or even unnecessary restrictions on the functionality and use cases which can be achieved.

Medical delivery robots working in hospital Medical delivery robots working in hospital. Infection prevention concept. 3D rendering image.
Virtual screen icons Document Management System (DMS) Online document file data software for efficient archiving lead to successful business process for company. Virtual screen icons Document Management System (DMS) Online document file data software for efficient archiving lead to successful business process for company.

Master Systems Integration

Facilitating efficiency

Implementing technology solutions should not be done in isolation, given the interdependencies of systems to create the workflows your users require. Designing for system integration allows the workflows to be supported by technology solutions that “speak” to each other to facilitate efficiency.

Our integration planning services

  • Assist you to identify the integration engine scope and interfaces required for your workflows and ideal automation
  • Identify the use cases for integration and interoperability between systems
  • Inform the design team of the overall network design for each of the infrastructure systems and the responsibility for integration
  • Identify approach and responsibilities for implementation and design

Communications Design

Connecting spaces and people

We design information and communications infrastructure that seamlessly connects the spaces, people and systems that drive our clients’ success. Our innovative approach results in technology that is flexible, cost-effective, reliable and able to adapt to evolving technology needs today and for decades to come.

Portrait of a Good Looking Woman Giving a Speech Using Technology Front view portrait of a good looking woman giving a speech. She has short curly hair as is holding a digital tablet in her hands.
Group of businessmen having a video conference meeting with their colleagues Four businessmen sitting around a conference table in a board room and communicating with their colleagues over a video call. They are discussing business projects and strategies.

Audio Visual Design

A new dimension to spaces

Immersive audiovisual systems bring a new dimension to meeting spaces through seamlessly integrated technologies which combine high quality audio and video reproduction, effortless remote conferencing, high definition media streaming, and integrated environmental control. From intimate huddle spaces to large auditoriums and conference facilities, our AV specialists work with clients to create intuitive and dynamic audiovisual experiences for their employees and customers.

Security Design

Ensuring functional and secure operations

Security system network design  is a critical component that ensures the functional and secure operation of today’s Digital Security System.  Many factors are considered in the design to create a highly available system that will function properly when required and help protect building occupants. Today’s systems require high bandwidth, security, scalability, availability, and accessibility.  Our Security Network design considers all these factors and incorporates such elements as high availability, redundancy, encryption and throughput.  The design uses key features, such as Quality of Service (QoS), Power over Ethernet (PoE), dual system components, dual uplinks and Multicast at the Access Level and Layer 3 Switching/Routing, redundancy at the cores, encryption and Multicast routing at the Distribution and Core Levels.

Data protection and secure online payments. Cyber internet security technologies and data encryption . Closeup view of man`s hand using laptop with virtual digital screen with icon of lock on it. Data protection and secure online payments. Cyber internet security technologies and data encryption . Closeup view of man`s hand using laptop with virtual digital screen with icon of lock on it.
Businessmen verify the accuracy of paperwork, business reviews are essential, search for information and business news. Businessmen verify the accuracy of paperwork, business reviews are essential, search for information and business news.


Optimizing building performance

Our approach to commissioning emphasizes technical review and analysis of the design to develop projects specific procedures that provide a repeatable testing methodology. These procedures go beyond simple verification “checklists” and include specific instructions on how to conduct the performance and controls validation tests. Our objective is to help you optimize the performance of your building, recognizing that areas such as energy efficiency, sustainability, occupant comfort and safety, security and productivity all impact achieving optimal performance. Our commissioning personnel have spent many years in the industry, both in consulting engineering and in the construction trades. This combination allows us to approach every project with a fundamental understanding of site issues and to call on personal experience for effective and prompt project resolution. HH Angus is a founding member of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA), Eastern Canada Chapter. The BCA provides leadership in the building commissioning industry by collaborating with commissioning  practitioners and other stakeholders. It upholds the highest standards and practices for the commissioning process by promoting the certification programs and trainings.

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