IMIT Strategic Planning & Roadmaps

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A Vision and Strategic Roadmap are tools that will guide your organization to systematically add new technologies or upgrade existing systems so that your investments are founded in logic. This ensures that future needs can be incorporated and your organization’s technology growth is moving forward at a pace you are comfortable with.

Technology Vision Framework

Building Blocks that Set up the Organization for Success

With so many dependencies between systems and advances in technology, it is a challenge to know whether or when to take the plunge with a new system investment. Our methodology ensures that you have the right foundational building blocks so that you can add future systems without concern. Applying the blocks strategically, starting from Infrastructure and moving toward Applications and Integration, means you can progress from automation of some everyday operations to more intelligent business processes.

Technology Roadmap

Planning with Innovation, Flexibility and Resource Capability

Creating a Technology Roadmap is a process of carefully balancing your resources to achieve the future desired functionality. We start by defining the scope for each system that is needed to achieve the future vision. We then work closely with your project team to define the criteria that reflect your organization’s strategic priorities to rank the overall impact of each solution.

At each progressive state of evaluation, further exploration and refinement of the technology solutions is led by our skilled IMIT consultants. Solutions are mapped out by laying down the foundational projects, the high impact solutions, the interdependencies, and overlaying resource capability.

In the end, you have a roadmap with clearly defined Technology Solution packages laid out over a given period of time that will enable you to proceed to the implementation stage of your project development.