Headshot of Noah Suissa

Noah joined HH Angus in 2018, and works with our Health Division.

What was your first role at HH Angus?

I arrived as a co-op student in 2017 for eight months, and came back full-time as a Mechanical Designer when I graduated. At the end of 2020, I was promoted to Senior Mechanical Designer.

Tell us your favourite thing about working at HH Angus. 

HH Angus’ culture and people. It is a great organization – it is a friendly, laid-back work environment, but you work hard and are surrounded by people with a wealth of technical expertise. I enjoy the social activities – the Angus soccer team, Friday afternoon hockey, etc.

What drew you to HH Angus and consulting, coming out of school?

I had worked a few co-op terms, initially in manufacturing, and found Consulting to be more rewarding. It allows me to work on projects from the beginning and see them through to completion. My current role is client facing, which I enjoy, particularly developing soft skills and working with clients to meet their needs.

How has working at HH Angus helped you grow in your career? 

HH Angus provides a lot of support in helping employees develop the skills to become independent. There is a strong foundation of knowledge and a lot of advanced technical insight. Another benefit is the wide range of projects undertaken at the company… I’m always learning something new. Plus the resources that back up all team members are amazing.

What made you want to work in engineering? 

Growing up, I was always good at math, and I enjoyed Physics. In university, I was drawn to engineering since most of those courses are math or physics-based. I’ve always preferred STEM courses to business or arts. I started learning various software programs in school and realized I had a passion for design.

What are some of the projects that you are most proud to be involved in at HH Angus? 

The renovation of Royal Columbian Hospital in BC was the first project I worked on independently – I worked on it for almost 2 years, from initial concept to project close out. When I walked through the site to see the project fully built, that was very rewarding!

Rendering of Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment
Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment. Rendering credits: Fraser Health

Describe a typical day. 

There aren’t any typical days! That’s the beauty of my role. There’s always something new. When you’re working in the AEC sector as a consultant, you never know what challenges you’ll encounter on any given day. It’s definitely not  a 9-5 desk job; there are always opportunities to go on site and do project walk throughs. 

During COVID, admittedly there are fewer on-site reviews; it’s more of an online experience. However, the technical designs don’t change – just your location is different.

What advice would you give someone just starting with HH Angus? 

Continue to reach out for help. Use every resource at your disposal. Build strong relationships with colleagues. Learn how to use the fancy cappuccino machines – they may be intimidating at first but they’re so worth it!

My technical skills have developed with the software available to us - HH Angus offers extensive training in this area – eg, Autocad, Revit, all mechanical disciplines, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, medical gas and so on.

What skills or traits have helped you most to advance in your career? 

First, my technical skills have developed with the software available to us - HH Angus offers extensive training in this area – eg, Autocad, Revit, all mechanical disciplines, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, medical gas and so on.  Next would be Project Management – these are the soft skills that I’ve been able to develop by meeting with clients. And I’d also include management skills; I’ve been able to improve and practice with colleagues while working with them on other projects.

What technology trends excite you?  

In the AEC industry, there’s been a lot of change in last 30 years around the importance of sustainable design for energy efficient buildings. Many big projects require you to design for the future; for example, on one project I had to design for 2080 outdoor conditions, keeping in mind climate change trends and how these would affect buildings in 2080.

What would be something that people would be surprised to know about you?  

My life is full of sports – watching sports as a die-hard Leafs and Blue Jays fan, playing golf and soccer - all of these are offered at the company, including fantasy sports leagues.