The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies recently honoured the Pearl Street Energy Centre project with an Ontario Engineering Project Award.


We are delighted that the Enwave’s Pearl Street Energy Centre (PSEC) project has been recognized for its technical innovation and positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Toronto.

The objective of the PSEC project is to expand Toronto’s district heating and cooling distribution and capacity using low carbon technologies by installing 3600 tons of cooling and 62,000 Mbh (thousand BTU’s per hour) of heating, using water source heat pumps (heat reclaim chillers). Enwave’s ‘Green Heat’ offering will be made possible by the installation of new assets that make use of waste heat while producing cooling and hot water. HH Angus is serving as Prime Consultant and Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers for the project.

Toronto’s buildings generate more than half the city's greenhouse gas emissions. New technologies, such as Enwave's expanded heat delivery system, will play a critical role in reducing the city’s cumulative carbon footprint. When fully utilized, Enwave’s low carbon heating facility will provide enough low-carbon heating to reduce emissions in Toronto by approximately 11,600 tCO2e, the equivalent of converting over 10 million square feet of office space to net zero. Providing Enwave clients with low to zero carbon heating and cooling solutions for their buildings will contribute to making them environmentally and socially responsible in Canada’s goal to reduce and potentially eliminate greenhouse gases.

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