David Rose


Senior Project Manager

David Rose

David is a multi-disciplinary professional with over six years’ experience in construction management, backed by 15 years’ previous experience in construction, including as a supervisor. His responsibilities include project management, design supervision and overseeing construction. David has an excellent record of achievement in construction project management, particularly in the areas of budget and schedule control, communication with customers and stakeholders, and on-site and virtual team management.

David’s construction management experience includes projects in HVAC, plumbing, MEP design management and civil works, such as shallow and deep utilities. He joined HH Angus in 2022.

Featured Projects

CHUM - Chiller
Creation of scope of work, schedule and tender packages for additional peak load capacity

CHUM - Édouard-Asselin Pavilion Connections
Project management for integration of new thermal power plant

CHUM - Cooling Coil Feplacement
Creation of scope of work, schedule and tender lots for subcontractors