3D Digital Models

Scanning software documents construction and enhances as-builts

Before and after photos of UHN RAC

HH Angus was an early adopter of Matterport scanning software – a tool that helps our Digital Services team create detailed 3D models of building infrastructure, from a single room to full buildings models. 

We regularly assist clients across a range of industries with virtualizing physical assets and construction summary videos. To see this in action, click on the links below for real-life examples. These videos were created for the University Health Network in Toronto to demonstrate to internal stakeholders the value of the Matterport platform and the capabilities of the technology - the Matterport scanner (used to document project milestones), and the Theta V 360 camera (used to capture site progress). These videos summarized site progress by collecting visual data during almost two years of construction.

Phase 1

Phase 2

The utility of 3D scans for building owners, facility managers and consultants, both during and after construction, cannot be overstated, as it allows for highly accurate virtualization of physical spaces to improve and facilitate collaboration and problem solving. Key benefits are the ability to share construction progress with stakeholders, documentation of as-built conditions, and ease of accessibility - Matterport scans and site progress scans are all accessible with a web link and internet connection.

To find out more about 3D scanning, digital twins, and how HH Angus can help you improve construction records and facility management, contact akira.jones@hhangus.com.

Headshot of Akira Jones

Akira Jones, B.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP
Director, Digital Services