Machine learning has progressed from science fiction to fact. The AEC industry is increasingly exploring and using it to improve productivity and deliver better design and construction outcomes. On this episode of Expanding the Possible, guest Gary Chang, a data scientist at HH Angus, talks about the latest advances and opportunities in the application of machine learning to optimizing building design and building operations automation. 

Episode 7 “Machine Learning in Building Design and Operations” – H.H. Angus and Associates Ltd. (

Tech people looking at buildings

Akira Jones – Director of Digital Services, and Teresa Valentino-Wills, Human Resources Director from HH Angus join us to discuss the skills and qualities the next generation of designers and engineers will need to thrive in a rapidly evolving and increasingly technical industry. Akira and Teresa also talk about what HH Angus looks for with respect to hard and soft skills, important personal attributes, and what “fit” means. Definitely a “must listen” podcast whether you are currently in school, a new graduate or already working in the industry.

Episode 3 "Skills for the Next Generation of Consulting Engineers" — H.H. Angus and Associates Ltd. (