Denis Benedetti 1955-2023

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Denis Benedetti, HH Angus’ Director of IT. With Denis’ passing, we have lost a friend, colleague and respected professional whose presence was felt throughout the firm at every level. He was always generous in spirit and cared deeply for this firm.

Denis played a singularly important role in professionalizing the IT components of our business and in helping the firm adopt and adapt to many significant advances in technology over the last 14-plus years. He was responsible for all Information System activities at HH Angus, supporting staff and company activities.

In the days since the sad news was first shared, colleagues have been speaking of Denis’ dedication to making HH Angus a better place to work. He was passionate about IT, and gracious about sharing his knowledge. Many have been remembering the critical first days of the COVID lockdown and their appreciation for Denis and the IT team’s preparations, which allowed us to switch to full ‘work from home’ mode from one day to the next without missing a beat. Colleagues have also been talking about Denis’ kindness and patience when it came to solving IT issues, and his commitment to working through each challenge until it was solved.

It’s difficult to think of HH Angus without Denis. He was such a visible and integral part of our daily work life. Denis had many pursuits outside of work, and a special ability to connect with colleagues on many subjects. He was always interested and interesting.

Denis was devoted to his family and spoke of them often with obvious pride and pleasure. Heartfelt condolences are extended to Denis’ wife Kelly and his sons Justin and Kyle from everyone in his HH Angus family. We will miss our friend.