Forum: Future-Proofing Hospitals

Megan Angus
Principal, VP Strategy, & Digital Services
HH Angus

Jeannie Gandham
Program Director, IT
New St. Paul’s Hospital

On Nov 9th, Megan Angus, VP Strategy and Digital Services at HH Angus, will be speaking at at The Canadian Institute’s Forum on Healthcare Infrastructure, Eastern Canada. The theme of this year’s Forum is ‘Accelerating Innovative Approaches to Project Design & Delivery’. Megan will be co-presenting with Jeannie Gandham, Program Director, IT at New St. Paul’s Hospital. Their session will cover:

  1. How to develop a digital roadmap with standardized processes that achieves purpose-built space
    • Gain insights on the development of CSA standards and guidance on where to start, when evaluating and integrating technology
  2. How to foster collaboration between clinical and industry specialists to transform patient care based on current, and anticipated health needs
  3. Identifying opportunities for data-driven decision making
    • Where clinical staff can be supported in day-to-day operations by digital tools?

To learn more about the two-day forum agenda and to register, click here.