HH Angus Designers Volunteer on WHO Project in Ukraine

HH Angus is part of a global group of volunteer healthcare engineers and designers working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to quickly review and create design documents to help hospitals in crisis zones around the world. 

We’re very excited to be able to contribute to these volunteer efforts by leveraging our extensive healthcare experience.  Our current project is under the auspices of the Ukraine WHO Country Office. Amidst a deepening national crisis, and with local resources already under tremendous pressure, outside expertise is being provided to enable the project to move forward. Our role is to review design layouts for the transformation of an existing health facility into a burn injury treatment centre.  Our contribution is focused on using our technical healthcare experience to evaluate the design documents to determine if they meet the requirements for the specific type of care being provided to burn patients, including temperature control, ventilation, water and other design aspects, as well as budget constraints.

This is our fourth project for the WHO, and we thank the engineers, designers and project coordinators across HH Angus who immediately signed on to volunteer their time, skills, experience and enthusiasm for these critical efforts.