HH Angus Employees Achieve Career Milestones

Hand arranging wood block stacking as step stair on paper pink background. Business concept growth success process, copy space.

HH Angus is pleased to announce recent employee promotions and career path moves.

While the past year continued to be overshadowed by the pandemic, we’re delighted to start the new year by sharing positive news from all our locations – celebrating employees who earned career advancement through demonstrated leadership, technical skill, dedication, empathy and general enthusiasm for our industry and the clients they serve.

HH Angus’ custom Career Framework outlines a variety of career path options, including non-linear progression. The framework supports each employee’s individual career growth while, at the same time, strengthening the firm’s technical, management and project leadership by encouraging employees to fully develop their individual expertise.

We are delighted to recognize and support the growth and development of our colleagues and congratulate them on achieving these important milestones:

Photo of Alvin Adel
Alvin Adel – Engineer
Photo of Wafa Al Aweel
Wafa Al Aweel – Intermediate Designer
Photo of Scott Bentley
Scott Bentley – Manager, Software Development
Photo of Bryce Blomfield
Bryce Blomfield – Senior Engineering Designer
Photo of Jomar Carvajal
Jomar Carvajal – Designer
Francisco Contreras
Francisco Contreras - Manager
Ben DeBruyne
Ben DeBruyne – Manager
Photo of Michael Del Pilar
Michael Del Pilar – Intermediate Designer
Photo of Huseyin Demiroglu
Huseyin Demiroglu – Senior Designer
Photo of Lance Desjardins
Lance Desjardins – Intermediate Designer
Photo of Caitlin Feir
Caitlin Feir – Manager, Proposals
Photo of Adam Fournier
Adam Fournier – Engineer
Photo of Jessica Generoso
Jessica Generoso – Engineer
Photo of Travis Hoogendoorn
Travis Hoogendoorn – Senior Engineer
Photo of Giuseppe Iannantuono
Giuseppe Iannantuono – Senior Designer
Photo of Akira Jones
Akira Jones – Director, Digital Services
Photo of Hung Kieu
Hung Kieu – Engineer
Photo of Nira Kugan
Nira Kugan – Manager, Finance & Accounting
Photo of Eldon Lucas
Eldon Lucas – Design Leader
Photo of Dave MacVicar
Dave MacVicar – Senior Designer
Photo of Paul Marjin
Paul Marjin – Project Manager
Head shot of Vicky Mei
Vicky Mei - Engineer
Photo of Tula Mitsakis
Tula Mitsakis – Senior Engineering Designer
Photo of Nick Mons
Nick Mons – Manager
Photo of Todd Moore
Todd Moore – Technical Leader
Robyn Munro – ICAT Consultant
Photo of Rupinder Nagah
Rupinder Nagah – Intermediate Designer
Photo of Ismail Omar
Ismail Omar – Engineer
Photo of Ben Schwindt
Ben Schwindt – Senior Engineer
Photo of Leon Shao
Leon Shao – Engineer
Greg Snow – Senior Engineer
Photo of Jun Wang
Jun Wang – Technical Leader
Photo of Jeremy Waud
Jeremy Waud – Senior Manager
Steve Yilmaz – BIM Leader
Photo of Tim Zhu
Tim Zhu – Senior Engineer